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Overly Elaborate I2C Scanner Device

GitHub linke here: The idea from this project is because I have many cheap I2C devices bought from China via Fleabay or Aliexpress and they arrive with no documentation. To obtain their address I’d previously have to load up an Arduino board with the sniffer sketch, and obtain the address via the serial console …

About Craig

An unusual combination of technical and creative.

From an apprenticeship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Craig then joined the Royal Air Force in 1996 as a Photographer, ‘for a change’.

In 2006 whilst living in Burton upon Trent, Craig incorporated Marston Photography Limited to provide B2B clients with corporate, commercial and PR photography in the Midlands. An occasional wedding was also great fun!

Back home in South Yorkshire Craig worked as a Development Engineer at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, with a focus on measuring forces in structural steel with ultrasound and big blue machine that squishes stuff!

Currently Craig works at a large secondary school as a technician in the busy Science Faculty.

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