Laptop Gubbins

Gubbins, originally uploaded by CraigMarston.

One knackered laptop. It’s only knackered because the power-in socket is damaged. The challenge is getting to the power-in socket because it’s difficult to access. To replace the socket would require removing the mother-board and de-soldering a multi-layer circuit board…
A high-quality bodge is the best compromise!! :0D

We made a quick trip to Maplins in Derby to source some robust power connectors and I opted to use the type found in remote control cars. I know they’re robust, and carry large currents, and they were also readily available on the shelf! There’s no parts counter in the shop, like there used to be. Don’t know if this is a Maplin-wide thing, or just this particular store; The chap whom “helped” us was good at pointing to shelves, and pointing out the obvious, but I get the feeling that help and advice would’ve been a tall order!

Anyway, the laptop fired up, Muel’s house didn’t burn down, oh, and I did jump off the chair when he shouted “BANG!!!” as I plugged it in.


Laptop Recovery

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