Sunny Scarborough


Rewinding in time a little; our holiday in Scarborough was absolutely fantastic, despite several ‘challenges’. It did rain (a lot) while we pitched the trailer-tent on the Saturday that we arrived, but after that we were blessed with sunshine all week, except for the rain during the night when we weren’t on the beach anyhow!

Before we came away Sam was a little under the weather, so much so that I had to take another unscheduled absence from my agency job, which brought the total to 4. Sam perked up by the time we arrived, but the car now complained of being poorly – well the orange Engine Warning light was illuminated… I was worried that I might have strained something towing or that the engine might have overheated in the heavy (stop-start) traffic on the way up.

A diagnostic check at a local and very friendly garage revealed a ‘Throttle Position Error’. I think I may have pressed the accelerator pedal into the carpet whilst going up a big hill, in order to sustain momentum. The thing is, it’s fly-by-wire so pressing the accelerator pedal that bit harder won’t pull a cable to open the throttle that little bit more like on all our previous cars..! All was well again after being reset though :0)

As Sam’s cough was getting worse and his voice more croaky, he slept in the motorhome with Nannan and Babba where it was much warmer for him. We booked him in to see a local doctor who diagnosed an upper respiratory tract infection and prescribed him with antibiotics. And sure as anything his cough improved greatly over the next few days – hurrah!


We had a fantastic week and I feel like I’ve only just seen the surface of Scarborough. It took us nearly the whole week to settle and relax so we definitely need two weeks next time :0)

The photo below was after it had been raining throughout the night and into the morning. There were still people on the beach, determined not to let any weather get in their way!!


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