Public Transport IS NOT Cost-Effective


This email just arrived in my inbox, and it riled me!

The sky-high cost of ‘public’ transport in South Yorkshire is something that really annoys me. 
And it’s not really public is it? It’s run by companies; that have shareholders; for profit…

Anyway, we’re quite fortunate in that my dad gifted me his old car – a Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI that can easily do 60mpg even though it has done the equivalent of 9 times round the Earth! (And I’m talking the fat circumference, where it’s sunny)

So, this weekly Travelmaster ticket is £23.20 per week for travel by bus, rail, tram throughout South Yorkshire and a couple of bits of North East Derbyshire. For 50 weeks, this amounts to £1160. 
I estimated my weekly mileage to be 40 miles in their online “ game”:

Putting it into perspective; for cost of the weekly ticket I could drive over 250 miles. ANYWHERE.

My insurance is £290
The tax is £125

That leaves £745 for fuel and maintenance. And parking if needs be.

If you look in the Autotrader, you can buy cars for just a few hundred notes which would still leave cash for fuel.

So, if running a car is expensive, then this makes public transport f’ing ridiculous!!


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