Manfrotto 055 Pro Tripod Repair and Upgrade


The new clip in-situe


The Manfrotto manual showing the load loop / hanging ring.


The broken component, referred to as a hanging ring.


To access the screws which hold the main body together, we need to remove this clamp assembly — note the hole in the recess…


You can see the screws that we need access to, and the silver-coloured spring-loaded wedge which both retains and locks the clamp assembly. Make sure the locking screw is loose enough to allow the wedge to be easily depressed into the main body.


The clamp retaining / locking wedge / block


By lining up one of the holes in the centre clamp, we can depress the wedge and remove the centre clamp — requires a bit of wiggling..!


Loosening the screws on the main body, just enough to insert the (modified) D-clip.


The D-clip I purchased has a flat cross-section (most D-clips have a circular cross-section) which is absolutely essential as it needs re-shaping to fit. 
The curve of its original shape was too steep to fit in the narrow gap provided in the tripod body, so using pliers I flattened the top.

*The British Military use Manfrotto tripods which puts them under duress not only during use, but whilst being thrown or bounced around in some form of transport.

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