Laptop Gubbins

Gubbins, originally uploaded by CraigMarston.

One knackered laptop. It’s only knackered because the power-in socket is damaged. The challenge is getting to the power-in socket because it’s difficult to access. To replace the socket would require removing the mother-board and de-soldering a multi-layer circuit board…
A high-quality bodge is the best compromise!! :0D

We made a quick trip to Maplins in Derby to source some robust power connectors and I opted to use the type found in remote control cars. I know they’re robust, and carry large currents, and they were also readily available on the shelf! There’s no parts counter in the shop, like there used to be. Don’t know if this is a Maplin-wide thing, or just this particular store; The chap whom “helped” us was good at pointing to shelves, and pointing out the obvious, but I get the feeling that help and advice would’ve been a tall order!

Anyway, the laptop fired up, Muel’s house didn’t burn down, oh, and I did jump off the chair when he shouted “BANG!!!” as I plugged it in.


Laptop Recovery


Sam had a very unsettled night last night: he has the snuffles and it disturbed his sleep. We think it’s because when he tried to suck his thumb he couldn’t breathe through his nose.
I was getting up constantly through the night to settle him down, and in the end I took the spare douvet in and just slept on his floor so that Jen could get a least 2 hours sleep..!
He was actually quite upset at creche this morning especially as Jen walked to the door with us. He screamed when she walked off to work, but the staff are amazing there so I know he’ll be in safe hands. They had already calmed him down as I left – the art of distraction!

Plinky plinky SCREEEEEACH!!

Feeling a bit better

At first I thought one of the kids across the road had brought a violin home from school. Then I found Jen showing a fascinated little Sam her violin! Once he’d figured out plucking the strings, and dragging the bow across without poking Jen’s eyes out, he turned his attentions to the case and sat opening and closing it for a while…

…it’s always the box!

Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day Card

Well, as well as giving his mum some horrible dysentery/plague type illness for Mothers’ Day, Sam had also made her a card at Nursery. I thought I’d photograph it before it’s put away in a keepsake box!

Mothers' Day Card

Small Boy Wrecks House

Sam wrecked the house! Well, a bit…

…Sam swung on the baby-gate as Jen opened it and ripped the wooden frame from the wall!!

The nails I’ve used to attach it back on aren’t very pretty, but it’s safe again :0)


choke..!, originally uploaded by CraigMarston.

Ferrite ring on power supply cable of Tomy baby monitor receiver unit.

We were given this system and from the off it would hiss and pop and crackle and even temporarily cut out. Martin and Vicki have the cordless version, and when Martin mentioned that theirs does the same when the receiver is in the charging cradle and it wakes him during the night, the penny dropped. It’s mains borne interference and signifies to me a cost-saving measure by Tomy resulting in an inferior product…

I had a ferrite ring somewhere, and sure as anything I found it when I was looking for something else. I followed ‘general’ advice of wrapping the cable around the ring five times and hey presto, a fully functioning receiver with no horrid noises. Hooraa!!

I found someone on ebay selling ferrites and ordered a couple, including one for Martin & Vicki and they can now sleep without white noise, pops crackles and bleeping.