Plinky plinky SCREEEEEACH!!

Feeling a bit better

At first I thought one of the kids across the road had brought a violin home from school. Then I found Jen showing a fascinated little Sam her violin! Once he’d figured out plucking the strings, and dragging the bow across without poking Jen’s eyes out, he turned his attentions to the case and sat opening and closing it for a while…

…it’s always the box!

Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day Card

Well, as well as giving his mum some horrible dysentery/plague type illness for Mothers’ Day, Sam had also made her a card at Nursery. I thought I’d photograph it before it’s put away in a keepsake box!

Mothers' Day Card

Small Boy Wrecks House

Sam wrecked the house! Well, a bit…

…Sam swung on the baby-gate as Jen opened it and ripped the wooden frame from the wall!!

The nails I’ve used to attach it back on aren’t very pretty, but it’s safe again :0)